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      1. Company Profile

        As the car-refrigerator industry standard setter, PUNEDA has been specialized in R&D, production, and sales of the car coolers and compressor fridge freezers for 21 years. Our products has been widely used in cars, yachts, RVs and trucks etc., and PUNEDA has been one of the most important car-refrigerator manufacturers in the world.

        Engineering Research Center

        As a 21-year professional car-refrigerator manufacturer, PUNEDA has been recognized as National High-tech Enterprise and Guangdong New Car-refrigerator Engineering Research Center. Since its establishment, our company has continuously introduced in advanced production equipment, continued to increase investment in R&D, process innovation and information construction. By virtue of our rich R&D and production management experience, we have made a series of innovative achievements. At present, our company has obtained nearly 100 technical patents.

        By adhering to the business philosophy of Focus, Integrity, Cooperation and Win-win, PUNEDA has always been keeping up with the market demand, actively expanding production capacity, strengthening market development, improving innovative technology, optimizing cost and quality management advantages. PUNEDA has actively carried out the cooperation with higher scientific research institutions, international well-known enterprises, so as to comprehensively improve its R&D strength, and make the dream ‘Build a Hundred-year Enterprise, Create the World Famous Brand’ come true.

        engineering technical center
        • 2000

          PUNEDA Founded

        • 2001-2002

          Launched out the patented semi-conductor and compressor car fridges

        • 2006

          Being designated supplier of FAW Car

        • 2007

          Being designated supplier of Volkswagon

        • 2009

          Being strategic partner of GOME and SUNING

        • 2010-2011

          Being designated supplier of Hyundai & Mazda

        • 2013-2014

          Being designated supplier of PING AN & PICC

        • 2015-2016

          Be designated supplier of JAC

        • 2017

          Being invited to be supplier of Daimler

        • 2018

          Car-fridge Industry Standard setter

        • 2019

          Being National High-tech Enterprises

        • 2020

          PUNEDA Ⅱ Started construction

        Global partners

        As a leading car-refrigerator solutions provider, PUNEDA has passed various strict standards of car manufacturers by virtue of our rich technical experience and strong R&D strength. Professional car manufacturers only choose the specialized car-refrigerator supplier.